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Lawlor Press Brake Tooling LTD

With over 60-years combined experience in the sheet metal industry, LPT offer high levels of service, support and advice for all your press brake enquiries.    We treat all our customers equally, whether its just a simple query or a large-spend order – we feel its important to offer honest and reliable advice you can trust whatever your enquiry.


As part of LPT’s swift response to all enquiries we endeavor to establish the correct and most suitable tooling for your specific requirements, with help from 2D and 3D drafting software as well as 3D bend simulation software – drawings, layouts and video simulations are provided to illustrate the solutions we recommend.


Where appropriate, we produce 3D-printed sample and prototype tools that can be used for test bending or even for limited production runs – often useful when a quick and inexpensive solution is required.


LPT’s 2021 catalogue and web-site help ensure tool selection is clear and easy to make, with full quotations supplied by return e-mail.


With our shared philosophy of honesty, trust, integrity and strong family values, support from our partner company, UKB-GmbH, helps LPT provide the highest level of customer support to the UK  sheet metal industry.

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