From construction to production –
everything is done in-house

Seitentitel - Linienknick


  • Competent consulting
  • Customer specific development and production in-house
  • Latest manufacturing technology
  • Use of the optimum materials
  • Surface ground or fine milled
  • Special press brake tools are hardened according to their working conditions
  • In-house design and development department with state-of-the-art CAD and measurement technique
  • Functional test and coordination through test bending with your sample sheets
  • Extensive quality test and allocation of unique special tool number for registration of all special-press brake tools

UKB Info

  • Tool length and horn extensions will be produced after your specifications.

Individual punch/top-tool clampings


Examples for punch/top-tool clampings, UKB-Special press brake tools

Individual die clampings


Examples of customer specific solutions of special press brake tools

Adjustable die up to V=300mm
Special punch/top-tool swiveling for closed profiles
U-bending tool with movable bending strips
Embossing-tool for production of beads with closed end-piece
U-bending-tool for wire profiles
Double radius embossing-tool
Pillar guided special tool with four work stations for production of different embossing
Trapezoidal bending tool with spring loaded ejector

Production of a embossing plate with 3D-contour

After receipt of order either our designer creates a 3D model of the component or the customer may supply this. At this point we choose the production method.

With our CAD-CAM program Cimatron, the required NC-machining and production time is calculated. This enables a 'first-off' view and check of the machining path as well as the confirming which machining tools are needed.

To avoid undesired collisions between component machine table and tensioning mean during manufacture, full 5-axis simulation is carried-out.

Therefore the complete kinematics of the machine is included.

Die eigentliche Bearbeitung des 3D-Bauteils erfolgt auf einer unserer CNC-Fräsmaschinen, vollständig programmiert und dokumentiert.

The actual machining of the 3D-component is done on one of our CNC-milling machines, completely programmend and documented.


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