Regrinding and hardening service

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Subcontracting and modification: Tool before
Subcontracting and modification: Tool after

Make do and mend! Regrinding of your press brake tools and shear blades, we carry out professional, precise, fast and cost-saving. Our state of the art CNC-profile grinding machines guarantee exact accuracy in shape, parallelism and repeatability. Additional laser-hardening will increase the life time and the wear resistance of your press brake tools. Afterwards you achive perfect results in your production. OLD worn out tools reborn like NEW!. Use also our fast service for the regrinding of your machine tables, slide rails and other workpieces.

customer's tool
tool grinded
tool hardened
tool blasted, polished, labeled


  • CNC-Profil grinding machines traverse path:
    X = 5.000 mm
    Y = 800 mm
    Z = 700 mm
  • Press brake tools: Make do and mend
  • Sectionalized tools with a total length more than 5000 mm (also at multiple clampings) we guarantee a high repeatability
  • Significant cost reduction compared to new production.
  • Max. 5 working days
  • After agreement within 1 working day
  • Welcome at us
  • Laser marking
    • All important data at a glance
    • Permanent, high contrast marking
    • Individual marking possible
CNC-grinding machine Rosa Silver 50.9
Laser hardening machine Stiefelmayer Vario
Tool before
Tool after

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