CNC-profile grinding

Seitentitel - Linienknick


  • CNC-profile grinding traverse path:
    X = 5.000 mm
    Y = 800 mm
    Z = 700 mm
  • Exact accuracy in shape, parallelism and repeatability
  • Hardened workpieces and surfaces can be worked on
  • Outlines will be 1:1 profiled by CAM
  • The grinded profile will be covered completely from the grinding disc
  • Sectionalized tools with a total length more then 5.000 mm (also at multiple clampings) we guarantee a high repeatability
CNC-grinding machine Rosa Silver 50.9
CNC-grinding machine Rosa Silver 50.9

We can grind for you:

  • Press brake tools
  • Shear blades
  • Machine tables
  • Slide rails
  • Other workpieces


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