Press brake tool cabinet "CLASSIC"

Seitentitel - Linienknick
40.652 b
Colour Body blue (RAL 5010)
Drawers white (RAL 9016)

40.652 RAL
RAL Colour on demand
40.652 b
1.240,01040 mmP.O.A.360,0 kg
40.652 RAL
1.240,01040 mmP.O.A.360,0 kg
  • UKB-System E Type EHT
  • UKB-System L Type LVD
  • UKB-System W Type Weinbrenner
  • UKB-System X all other systems
ToolsWerkzeuge UKB-Systeme E/L/W/X
Equipment5 Vertical drawers on casters with in total:
  • 15 Pieces of shelves (92.684) for punches/top-tools and dies L≤1100 mm
  • 10 Possibilities for accessories L≤1100 mm (Measuring devices, consumables, etc.)
Capacity Up to 33 m of punches/top-tools and dies UKB-System E/L/W/X
Dimensions 1040 x 1240 x 1350 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 360 kg


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